“Yes, go, go, go!” Sebastian shouts, in his unmistakable Italian accent. As you jog back to your luxury resort, the golden rays of the Mediterranean sun bounce off the white sandy beach to gently kiss your skin. With each youthful stride, the pure Sardinian air fills your lungs with oxygen, sending a rush of serotonin to your brain. You’ve never felt so alive.

Welcome to the world of Terra Retreats

If you’re fed up of holidays that leave you tired, bloated, and bored, then you’re not alone.

Each year, a growing number of people are starting to seek out holidays that offer adventure and rejuvenation within a group training environment.

And for good reason:

Scientific studies now reveal that organized health retreats not only offer the accountability through group fitness, but multiple benefits of outdoor exercise to create a transformation of the body, mind and soul like no other.

So, if you’re ready to escape the city and experience total body and mind rejuvenation among breathtaking scenery, then keep reading to find out how.

Hi, I’m Seb Bitti, CEO, Founder and Master Trainer at Personal Power Fitness, London.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped people achieve the physique, energy, confidence and focus they crave, and today, my scientifically based training techniques are shared the world over. I am proud to say I have helped to positively change people’s lives and to upgrade their physicality to establish long term mind and body improvement.

After training celebrities, politicians, and everyone in between, one of the biggest secrets to the success my clients achieve is down to the knowledge and experience I have gained from my years of research to better understand the human body, and how optimal nutrition and the right exercise can have such huge benefits.

There’s a reason why:
According to The American College of Science and Medicine, group fitness keeps people on track because it makes you accountable. And because it’s a social activity, it’s way more fun too.
So what makes outdoor exercise so effective? According to scientific studies, it…

Burns more calories, reduces stress
and makes you feel good!


An article from Cosmopolitan magazine explains why:

When you combine group fitness with the great outdoors, you suddenly have…

The perfect excuse to escape the “big smoke”

I’m not sure about you, but I’ll take any excuse to escape the chaos, congestion and cloudy skies of our capital city. So, throughout July, August and September, I’m offering you the accountability of group fitness and the vast health benefits of the great outdoors, with…

A 6-night fitness retreat in the sun-drenched
Costa Smeralda – Sardinia

Join me, along with my professional team of fitness trainers, at Terra Retreats, for a luxury 6-night stay in my homeland of Sardinia – known as the “Island of Longevity” – where you’ll experience a world-class fitness retreat that promises to reboot your mind, body and soul

I named my fitness getaway breaks Terra Retreats, in honour of Terra Mater, an ancient Greek goddess of the earth. And what better place to appreciate the beauty of our natural earth, than here, in Costa Smeralda?

You’ll enjoy daily fitness activities, luxurious granite stone-built accommodation, and 5-star catering designed to rejuvenate you in ways that no gym or city park ever could.

You’ll be staying deep inside the sun-drenched Costa Smeralda; a tranquil Sardinian enclave that remains a closely guarded secret of the rich and famous.

Your new gym awaits – let off steam and reinvigorate your mind, body and soul. Known as the “Island of Longevity” due to long life expectancy among local residents, Costa Smeralda is a buzzing enclave in the heart of sun soaked Sardinia

What’s included in your 6-night fitness retreat?

Boutique accommodation

Enjoy a 6-night stay in a top secret, granite stone resort, in Costa Smeralda. Surrounded by a natural park and century old olive trees, and featuring generous lagoon style swimming pools, a bar, hydromassage facilities, a solarium with deck chairs and beach umbrellas, a TV lounge, air conditioning and private parking.

Group activities

Enjoy a variety of daily outdoor activities, focusing on building your strength and cardiovascular fitness, improving physique, de-stressing and detoxing.
Activities are suitable for all fitness levels, and can tailored to your individual needs.

Time to unwind

Enjoy a variety of daily outdoor activities, focusing on building your strength and cardiovascular fitness, improving physique, de-stressing and detoxing.
Activities are suitable for all fitness levels, and can tailored to your individual needs.

Each day activities are tailored to the individuals in the group – here is a typical day:

  • Breakfast – a carefully planned, nutritious breakfast setting you up for a day of adventure
  • 2 hours of R&R ¬ – kick back and unwind, with a couple of hours of deep relaxation by the pool, or check out the local architecture, boutique shops, or hop aboard a yacht and take a quick cruise around this stunning island.
  • Circuit training session – to send your metabolism soaring and rapidly melt fat
  • Body detox exercise class – to tone and tighten, while getting your blood to pump nutrients to your vital organs
  • Lunch – designed by a 5-star chef, you can enjoy fresh fish, meats, vegetables or vegan friendly dishes to nourish, replenish and recharge


You’ll join the group, and head out into the countryside, where you’ll cycle, hike, ride horses and swim in the crystal clear sea.

And in the evening…

Take a long warm shower, then head to the restaurant to socialize with your new-found friends, while our 5-star chef nourishes your brain, body and soul with fresh, organic, world-class meals.



  • Transfer from Olbia airport to the retreat
  • Non alcoholic beverage on arrival
  • Luxury en suite room
  • WIFI
  • Breakfast, Lunch Dinner and 2 snacks prepared by our Michelin star chef
  • Daily house keeping service
  • 1 lesson on healthy nutritious eating
  • Healthy cookery lesson
  • Twice daily training sessions
  • Twice daily yoga sessions
  • Guided visit to the old port of Porto Cervo
  • Visit to Liscia Ruja beach
  • Guided tour of Spiaggia Del Principe
  • Visit to Capriccioli beach
  • Vineyard tour
  • Visit to Arzachena town
  • Visit to Porto Cervo town
  • Visit to Porto Rotondo town
  • visit to Golfo Aranci town


Horse riding by the beach or in the mountains
Quad bike
Mountain bike trip
1 to 1 personal training
1 to 1 yoga
1 to 1 meditation
Boat trip

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, piscatarian or a red meat lover, you’ll find a delicious and nutritious meal plan to recharge your batteries each morning, noon and night.

Click the Food Gallery button to see a selection of the mouth-watering dishes prepared by our talented Sicilian master chef…

Explore the local scene that celebrities love!

If you’re feeling adventurous, there’s plenty more to see, do and explore the Costa Smeralda, including designer boutiques, world-class restaurants and exciting nightlife. You may even spot some familiar faces, too. And rest assured…



This is not a “boot camp”

There will be no drill sergeants, body shamers or over-competitive show-offs.
We will encourage and inspire you, and we will make it easier than ever to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, and eat well, but there’s never any pressure.
It’s your holiday.
You call the shots.
However, with your permission, we’ll take care of your daily activities and meals, so you can truly switch off and recharge.

“Revolutionised my eating and fitness habits”

“Sebastiano’s incredible understanding of the human body has revolutionised my eating and fitness habits.

He knows more than any trainer I’ve ever worked with and communicates it in a way that stays with you for the rest of your life.”

Misha Calvert

Movie, Theatre & Comedy Actress, TV Personality

“I feel 10 years younger”

“I wanted to detox, have a fresh start, train and be in an environment that would motivate me. I felt rejuvenated, I feel 10 years younger, lighter, and as a result I continue to train with Sebastiano.

The location was marvellous, everything was well organised. The food was divine, the chef was amazing and also the holistic experience was a real treat. I definitely recommend it.”

Karine Anne Atok

And when it’s all over, you’ll be happy to go home.

Unlike most holidays, you’ll come back from your adventure with a new lease on life. You’ll have more energy and focus to perform well at work. And you’ll look healthier, slimmer and more radiant than ever.

Are you ready to escape the grey clouds and daily chaos?

For more details, and to reserve your spot, enter your email address below and I will send you everything you need to secure your reservation.

  • Retreat packages are available only through July, August
    and September, on a first come, first served basis.
  • Package includes 6 nights’ accommodation and 6 days of
    professional fitness training in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia,
    plus breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked by a 5-star chef
  • Flights not included.

P.S – Your friends will be envious, but don’t let that stop you.
While they’re stuck in an overcrowded gym, with a concrete car park for a view, you’ll be jogging across tranquil and mountainous landscapes, swimming through crystal-clear sea water, horse riding along pristine beaches, and perfecting your Yoga tree pose among untouched nature.

But you must hurry! Spaces are strictly limited.

The last time I put together a fitness retreat package of this nature, it didn’t take long for spaces to sell out. And, as hundreds of other people are reading this page each day, I expect spaces to be snapped up even faster this time.

Simply call +44 (0) 7775 707073 or enter your details below and I’ll get back to you immediately with pricing details and availability, plus instructions on how to place your reservation.

71 Lombard Street | London | EC4V 9AY | United Kingdom | Phone +44 (0) 7775 707073

After you enter your name and email above, I’ll immediately reply via email, with pricing details and availability, plus instructions on how to place your reservation. TO A BRAND NEW YOU!

“Not just discipline, but also great fun”

“I wanted to have some “me-time”, away from everyday-stresses, and to learn more about on to live a healthier lifestyle. In the past, I had been on some day-retreats and some meditation retreats. However, those did not come any way close to the retreat lead by Sebastiano. I felt way more relaxed and rejuvenated than I normally do.

Also, I learned a lot about eating habits and how to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle going at home, all year round. I love the fact that the retreat is not just about discipline, but it’s also great fun! I would definitely recommend it.

You will bring home life-long learnings that you’ll be able to apply at any time during your busy daily schedule.”

Martina Taci

“Jump started my fitness, motivated me to eat healthier on my return to London.”

“I wanted to try a focused retreat, where I could immerse myself in exercise, nutrition and sunshine away from the usual stresses of work and home. This retreat jump-started my fitness regime and motivated me to exercise more and eat healthier on my return to London. Sebbi ensured that the program was tailored to me and my goals, but as importantly it was good fun, the food was delicious and the weather was great. If you feel that you need a jump start or to raise the level of your fitness, then it’s ideal. Also if you have a specific goal (getting fit for a wedding for example), then again it’s great to have an intensive week with likeminded and fun people all focused on results.”

James Davies

Property Developer

 Seb Bitti

Seb Bitti

CEO, Founder and Master Trainer at Personal Power Fitness


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